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Establishing custody and the parenting time schedule for a child or children can be an emotionally difficult process. It’s common for custody and parenting time to be decided upon by a couple who is in the process of divorcing or has already completed their divorce. Many couples find common ground and a happy medium when it comes to the details of their divorce, such as custody and parenting time. But it’s not unusual for divorcing individuals to disagree on child custody, parenting time schedules, and co-parenting rules. Many times, individuals don’t see the proposed custody arrangement as fair and these disagreements can lead to disputes. When this occurs, it might become necessary to bring in a child custody lawyer. Our Johnson County, KS based child custody attorneys are here to help you resolve your dispute quickly.

If you’re in the midst of determining custody for one or more children, and one or both parties are unable to agree, it’s very likely that you could benefit from working with one of our Johnson County, KS based child custody lawyers, who have extensive expertise in this area of law. Our family attorneys are experienced and professional — always working hard to ensure our clients are in the best hands possible.

    Could Mediation Help You?

    In addition to our Johnson County litigated child custody services, we also specialize in mediation services. Our goal is to help you find solutions for every detail of your divorce — from child support to parenting time and custody and everything in between. Our child support attorneys and child custody lawyers in Johnson County can help you come to an agreement and avoid costly litigation that could drain your energy and your bank account.

    Trust Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation, the area’s first choice for leadership in family law. From the first consultation to the moment you finalize, our clients are our priority, and we’ll do our best to get you the outcome you desire.

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