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There are many complexities when a couple is going through a divorce with children involved. Parents need to reach an agreement on many things, including child support and child custody. When divorcing couples can agree on the details of their divorce, the process is much smoother. Unfortunately, it’s very common for parents to disagree on many details regarding their divorce. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want when it comes to your parenting time schedule and child custody; if you find yourself in need of a parenting time attorney, child custody lawyer, or child support attorney in Lenexa, contact Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation.

Our divorce attorneys are experienced and professional — always advocating for our clients and doing our best to bring about your preferred outcome. Our team of child custody and parenting time lawyers in Lenexa take the time to listen to every detail of your case so that we’re always working with the full picture. Child custody and parenting time schedules are important to get correct from the beginning and we take our role as child custody attorneys very seriously. No parent should feel that they’re being unfairly denied the child custody arrangement they believe is in their children’s best interest.

Mediators in Lenexa

There have been many cases in which divorcing couples have been able to find an amicable solution to child custody and parenting time with the help of our child custody mediators and lawyers in Lenexa. When you use our experienced mediation solutions, both parties will be treated fairly. Many individuals have found that our mediation services save them time, stress, and money, as the goal of mediation is to avoid lengthy cases and costly court appearances. Let our mediators help you find a resolution to child custody and other details of your divorce.

If you’re looking for qualified child custody and child support attorneys and mediators in Lenexa who will step in and assist you with litigation or mediation, contact our law firm today!

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