Overland Park Child Custody

Overland Park Child Custody

Determining child custody is one of the most important details that needs to be established when children are in the picture during a divorce. Due to the complications that can arise during a divorce, it is important that you seek assistance from one of our child support attorneys or  child custody lawyers in Overland Park. The courts must decide what’s best for the children and ensure that the children are placed with responsible and caring guardians. When joint custody is arranged, a visitation plan must also be put into place. Many factors must be considered and, ideally, a divorcing couple can come to a custody agreement quickly and amicably. However, as we’ve seen many times, it can be difficult for couples to come to a mutual agreement when it comes to the custody of their children. 

If you feel you need a legal expert to advise you and advocate for you as you endeavor to come to a custody agreement, Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation is a solid choice for child custody lawyers in Overland Park. Our child support attorneys are experienced in family law and can help you bear the burden of advocating for custody so you can remain focused on caring for your family during this time of transition. 

Our legal team will take the time to learn every detail of your case, and we will do our best to help you reach an outcome you are satisfied with. No one enjoys the process of divorce, but when you have the right legal assistance, you can go through it with confidence and peace of mind, knowing you’re not alone. 

Overland Park Mediation Services

Many times, divorcing couples can benefit greatly from expert mediation services. Our Overland Park child custody divorce lawyers and mediators can help you avoid costly court fees and frustrating delays. Our goal as unbiased mediators is to help both parties come to a solution that satisfies them. Is mediation the right choice for your situation? If you’re interested in learning more about our mediation services, reach out to Boothe Walsh Law today. 

Divorce Attorneys Who Care

No parent should feel helpless as they fight for time with their children. Let our team come alongside you and advocate for what’s best for you and your family as you move forward. Contact Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation now to schedule your initial consultation.

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