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What Does Parentage Mean?

Parentage refers to the relationship between an individual or individuals and a child or children. Legal parentage as it relates to family law is the legal process of determining a child’s parents. When two people are married and have children, parentage is rarely debated. However, when a child is born outside of a marriage relationship—something that is incredibly common—it may become necessary for the individual who didn’t give birth to the child in question to establish their parentage. Before parentage has been established, a parent may run into obstacles regarding custody, child support, or visitation rights. If you live in Lenexa, our paternity lawyers can help you navigate through all of these issues.

Why Is It Important to Establish Parentage?

Establishing parentage in Lenexa can be an invaluable step in obtaining child support, determining custody, and establishing residency or visitation. Parentage is also important when deciding on matters relating to parental responsibility. For the protection of the child or children, parentage may matter most in terms of support, legal documentation, access to medical records, insurance coverage, inheritance rights, and more. This also applied to same-sex couples.

Let Our Lenexa Attorneys Help You Establish Parentage

At Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation in Lenexa, our paternity and parental rights lawyers are passionate about helping people obtain the rights they’re entitled to. We believe that justice should prevail and that no parent should be denied that legal title, especially when it comes to the welfare of their children. If you need a court order for parentage in Lenexa, our team of attorneys can help you navigate the process of your parentage case.

If you need assistance in another capacity and you could use the expertise of an established law firm, contact our Lenexa based paternity and parental rights lawyers at Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation. Between paperwork you need to file, knowing the ins and outs of the law, and attending your hearings, there’s much to think about. You don’t have to go through any of these processes alone—we can assist you in your legal case. Contact Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation today to schedule your consultation.

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