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Protection orders exist for all kinds of reasons; they’re necessary in many different situations. If you live in the Overland Park area and need a restraining order, contact Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation. When you’re trying to maintain distance from an abuser, you’re feeling unsafe because you think someone is stalking you, or anything in between, you need to take action for your own safety and well-being. Feeling scared or anxious is difficult to handle. It’s not fair to you or your loved ones. It can take a toll on your health, performance at work, or even your friendships. Peace of mind is priceless. Sleeping soundly—without a care in the world—is invaluable. So, what is the solution?

The answer is simple: Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation. Our experienced restraining order attorneys in Overland Park are knowledgeable about stalking protection and abuse protection law. We’re here to help you get the protection and peace of mind you need and deserve. Our skilled legal team will work hard to quickly get you a PFA—Protection From Abuse, or a PFS—Protection From Stalking. No one should worry that their abusive ex might walk through their front door at any given moment. No one should keep the blinds drawn because they’re worried about who might be looking through the windows. Our Overland Park based stalking protection and PFA attorneys are here for you because we take your safety and security incredibly seriously. You might just walk away from our Overland Park law offices a little bit lighter and perhaps even hopeful.

Being that these cases are often emotionally charged and high conflict, filing for a protection order can be a difficult choice that’s made in the middle of a chaotic situation. Boothe Walsh would love to help give you clarity and peace of mind in the midst of this storm. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can get back to your life. Let Boothe Walsh Law & Mediation help you get a PFS or PFA restraining order in Overland Park today. Contact us now!

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